Happy work, happy work

Date:2018-11-21 13:28 Autho:admin

On November 20 th, the New Energy Company Union organized a large number of employees and held cultural and recreational activities at the Sports and Sports Center. The event revolves around the theme of "Happy work, Happy work". Through interesting activities, increase vitality and creativity in fast-paced work.

The competition broke the previous form of forming teams in departments, with a total of 48 participants, divided into four groups, randomly formed teams in the form of three idioms, and completed the team in less than 10 minutes. Then the idioms were picked up in the order of drawing lots, and the players thought against the clock to prepare the idioms they wanted to say, but found that the "temporary play" of the last player completely disrupted the idioms they had already prepared, making the atmosphere of the game tense and interesting. Unexpectedly, two of the teams succeeded in picking up the dragon with the idiom "carrying forward", laughter and shouting resounding through the venue.

In a 1-30 digital game, every member sees the information on the card, and every member tries to think about the meaning of the picture? Some of the players are in a hurry to use their hands, and they are no more familiar with each other, and they are no longer in a position to hold and seize the second, lest they lag behind. The spirit of all-in-one, brainstorming, teamwork, and no-loss is fully shown in this game.

The third stage is the ultimate competition. The interesting brain twists and turns inspire your mind, and the competition for answers is even fiercer. everyone competes for each other, and joy and joy permeate everyoneundefineds face. In the end, the Leap team won the first place with a total score of 120 points, while the Yulong team and the Wealth team won the second and third place respectively.

Li Juan, president of the trade union, always said that the event was held in a very good form and was held very successfully, especially the idiom, which ended with a profound and long-term meaning. I hope that while working hard, we should bear in mind your mission and carry forward the spirit of multi-fluorine and many people who will never give in. At the same time, I also wish everyone can meet the rising sun with the spirit of "happy work, happy work"!