Retrofit of Boiler Chimney

Date:2018-11-29 15:22 Autho:admin

On the afternoon of November 28, on the east side of the boiler room of the new energy power workshop, the mechanic was working nervously to heighten and reinforce the boiler chimney.

In August, the annual output of new energy 300000 Ah power lithium ion battery began trial production. At the same time, according to the "three simultaneous" requirements of the construction project, it applied for completion acceptance, which has passed the completion acceptance of safety facilities and occupational disease protection facilities.

At present, the acceptance work of environmental impact assessment is also in full swing. In order to ensure the one-off acceptance, new energy actively carries out self-examination and self-reform compared with the content of environmental assessment approval version. The height of the existing boiler chimney is less than 20m, which does not meet the acceptance standard. The safety and environmental department, the power workshop and other units actively cooperate to prepare the materials, determine the construction scheme and requirements, and complete the transformation task on schedule. To eliminate the "deficiency" of environmental protection, to help the project acceptance, to strive for the early acceptance of the project, early commissioning, early income, promote the development of new energy industry.