Thick winter solstice warms you, me and him.

Date:2018-12-24 14:31 Autho:admin

Record the 2018 Winter Dumplings Competition.

The Winter Solstice, is a traditional Chinese festival, according to legend "the Winter Solstice dumplings, not frozen ears." In order to make the employees feel the strong atmosphere of the Winter Solsticeundefineds festival and alleviate the missing feelings of the employees, the union of the new energy company held the competition of "making dumplings from the winter to making dumplings" at the staff restaurant on the same day. There were 14 groups participating in the competition.

A bowl of hot dumplings was brought to the table in everyoneundefineds expectation, everyone ate their own fragrant dumplings, deepened each otherundefineds feelings and work fun, felt the joy of youth and collective warmth. Watching everyone smile, taste their own labor results, relief and pleasure in words.

工会主席李娟对大家的积极参与和全力以赴表示深深的感谢,她说:“今天,是2018年最后一个节气,也是我们最开心的时候,通过大家的努力,短短30分钟3067个精致漂亮的饺子在大家手中诞生,这和每个人的努力和付出分不开的,希望 2019好产品,就像这漂亮的饺子一样,在我们手中创造和诞生!”